glove (plural gloves)

  1. An item of clothing covering the hand and fingers, but allowing independent movement of the fingers
    I wore gloves to keep my hands warm.
  2. An item of clothing other than a mitten, protecting all or part of the hand, e.g., boxing gloves, a baseball glove or fingerless gloves
    The champ laced on his gloves before the big bout.
  3. (baseball) The ability to catch a hit ball.
    Frederico had a great glove, but he couldn"t hit a curveball, so he never broke into the pros.

6 letters in word "gloves": E G L O S V.

No anagrams for gloves found in this word list.

Words found within gloves:

ego egos el els es gel gels geo geos glove go goe goel goels goes gole goles gos gov govs leg legs les lev levo lo log loge loges logs los lose love loves oe oes ogle ogles ole oles os ose seg sego segol sel sloe slog slove so sog sol sole solve sov veg vegs voe voes vol vole voles vols

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